Our Projects

Below are some of the projects we are working on to make our community lead safe

LEAD Screening Kit (2) (1).jpg


Lead Screening Kits

The lead screening kit project focuses on giving families a way to test their home for lead. The lead screening kit is a low-cost kit that provides real results to families so they can work to live lead safe.


Mulch Madness

Mulch Madness is an annual project with the University of Notre Dame Student Government and the local community, where we help families cover exposed soil with mulch. By covering the soil, we can prevent children from interacting with lead.

Cleaning Materials


Lead Remediation Strategies

While the lead screening kit provides information on lead levels in the home, we are working to find ways to help families address the lead in the home once they find it. We are working to make kits that people can use to protect their family by creating a lead safe environment in their home.


Understanding the Lead Problem in South Bend

Our team has done a comprehensive analysis of the blood lead levels of children in Saint Joseph County, Indiana. This report helped to guide our projects and decisions on how to best help the community of South Bend.